About - Hello Baby Gifts Boutique


There was a long labour before Hello Baby Gifts was born in 2011.
Nikki O’Connor, its founder, worked for years in customer service roles until she decided it was time to do something different and, for her, much more fun!

She had always loved getting creative in her home, from table dressing to giftwrapping. Recognising the pleasure these jobs gave her, she chose to retrain as a florist in 2007. And she loved it! She especially enjoyed being able to spread happiness with her floral creations on gifting occasions.

Her baby gifts were a side line at first, using the skills she perfected in floristry. She found that the art of arranging nappy cakes was strangely similar to creating a beautiful bouquet! Having developed a small collection of products, Nikki took a market stall at Horsham Market to sell them.

And it turned out that they sold like hot (nappy) cakes!

Nikki’s career took an exciting turn, as she devoted herself full-time to developing her handmade gifts and building a company… Hello Baby Gifts!

Inspired by the idea of making baby gifts that created excitement and anticipation, she wanted to contribute something positive to the whirl of emotions that parents experience as they bring their new baby into the world.

Nikki’s gifts bring enjoyment to new parents, but also to the grandparent, aunt, or friend, who gives them. They feel thrilled to be offering something truly special, creating a cherished moment to be remembered.

Nikki couldn’t be more delighted with the way ‘her baby’ is developing. She now has several local stockists, as well as some very nice corporate contracts.

Blossoming business and lots of new ideas means the future is bright for Hello Baby Gifts. “I love what I do,” says Nikki, “It’s a pleasure to spend my time creating beautiful gifts and sharing them with happy customers.”